Rock Hall: The Apple of Our Eye

Rock Hall, Moses Gate Country Park, 6th March 2022

Bit of a short one this one. We were last here in September 2021, seems like an age ago now, and we were rescuing an innocent young orchard from the evil clutches of wicked old bramble, see here if you don’t remember.

The job was continued, and largely finished, by the Wildlife Trust and the Rock Hall volunteers so today we were just finishing off by cutting back over hanging branches from the surrounding trees, digging up the bramble roots so that the dreaded menace will never return again, building a dead hedge barrier around the orchard, and planting a few new fruit trees. One of these trees was descended from the cheeky beast that allegedly dropped an apple on Sir Isaac Newton’s head, inspiring him to both write up his theory of gravity, and also to not to eat his lunch underneath trees ever again.

Thanks to all involved.

Disclaimer: no fruits were bruised, or scientific discoveries made, during the course of this task. Any similarities between this and other tasks are co-incidental, and gravity will continue to work whether you believe in it or not.