BCV Scrapbook 2000s

2000-2009 – Moving on Up

The year 2000 and the new millennium arrived complete with rogue computers, invading alien species, and expanding megacities. Ye Olde conservationists gave way to the the 21st century with digi-cameras, emails instead of phone trees, and a shiny website replaced newsletters. BCV launched itself on to the digital super-highway like a rocketman on protein pills but still gave it the same old blood, sweat and beers as before, with the exception of mechanical diggers to save ageing backs. With new partners and new projects we boldly stepped into the brave new world, a world that included the launch of the Dr. John Leather Memorial Hedgelaying Competition, and the beginning of our work at the Anderton Centre, a world of green heroes.

Clips 2007

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Photos 2000-2009

Photos supplied by: Colin M, Clare B, Lynn E, Gary W.

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