BCV Scrapbook 2010s

2010-2019 – Running Up That Hill

The 2010’s were a tough time. With cut backs biting we had fewer clients and fewer sites to play with but we still had plenty of new members along with our hardcore volunteers. We had enthusiasm in spades, as well as a soft spot for bill hooks, and we won another couple of awards for Rick to put up on his wall; partnerships with Bolton Green Umbrella and Bolton Forum for Green Space gave us even more influence over Bolton’s green heritage; Rick’s Points of Light became a guiding light for other groups to follow. Facebook and You Tube were added to our media empire and we expanded the boundaries of Bolton to include London. And not forgetting Wildfest, the wildest fest of all, and BCV turned 40. BCV was going to the top and kicking bottom.



Photos by: Colin M, Paul C, Caroline & Tom B, Katrina M.

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