BCV Scrapbook 1990s

1985-1999 – Glory Days

Yesterday, all our troubles seemed so far away.. well yesterday is back again! This page is dedicated to newspaper clippings, old newsletters and photos from BCV’s age of myth and legend, before websites, before smartphones, and when the world was young and free. When paper was king and photocopying bills were high; when Kodak instamatics gave photographic memories a blurry charm that 4K just can’t match. It was a time of legends that shall not be forgotten.

Being around since 1976 we have a lot of missing history so if you have any pre-nineties photos get in touch.

News Clips 1986-1998

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Photos 1985-1999

Photos supplied by Julie S-Wren, Neil H, Claire B, Lynn E, and Francis W.

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