Welcome to the New Website

The BCV website has changed. Our previous site ran for 14 years but over time became harder and harder to maintain, so now we have something new. Unlike the old site this one is fully compatible across all devices, regular visitors will also notice some other changes. At the moment there are no photo galleries and many of the other pages are also missing, hopefully this will change over the coming months as we decide what to keep and what to compost. In the meantime task photos will appear on the Norman Newt’s blog along with write ups of each task and also other news items as they arise. There is also no contact form although contact details are listed on the sidebar, and finally the task page doesn’t have many tasks on it, this is due to the covid-19 pandemic, tasks are still being planned. Please see the Joining Tasks page and/or contact Rick for more info. This is also the last outing of Norman the Newt as our new logo is now in use. Norman will return for special occasions though.
As things are a bit bare I’ll be including some retrospective stories as I get better acquainted with the editing tools.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Website

  1. Norman’s not been the same since he lost his wellies and beer mug. The new logo looks more professional, but I hope it won’t come at a cost of the group losing its personal touch. The camaraderie over the years has been one of its most powerful assets. The benefits to an individual of joining such a socially welcoming group are arguably just as important as the sterling work you do for nature, wildlife and the environment. Try to keep up all of these things!

    1. Thanks Neil, BCV will always be the same friendly second family to all it’s members. We will never lose sight of what we are here to do or the wildlife we are here to help. Hope to see you on task soon.

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