Easter Task

Tree Planting at Moses Gate CP 9th April 2023

Easter – the time when we celebrate the invention of chocolate and the four day bank holiday. It’s also the time for the annual BCV Easter Egg Hunt and the traditional ‘losing’ of at least one egg in the woods as an offering to the Easter bunny. But before we get to that bit we had some work to do.

As part of our continuing work with Banana Enterprises and the Save Rock Hall project today’s task mostly involved the planting of 400 trees by 17 volunteers, including some of Rock Hall’s own volunteer team. At this point we would like to say thank you to the Bolton Rotary Club for their donation of a significant number of trees, and also Richard Smythe for his donation which was used to buy in additional trees. So, thank you, your contributions are much appreciated.

The trees were planted near the area we planted up last Halloween, the new woodland will both soak up a bit of carbon and provide habitat for wildlife for years to come.

Now the important bit, the Egg Hunt. Our Officer for Fun hid 20 choccy containing eggs in the woods, assisted by Rock Hall’s Paul. At the appointed time bunny ear wearing volunteers scampered off to hunt high and low for the hidden treasure. As is traditional, one of the eggs was left undiscovered to appease the spirit of the Easter Bunny (may he/she/other hop in peace for ever and a day).

Thanks to all involved doing a great job as usual, and to Sheena for handing out chocolate chicks hatched from chocolate eggs laid by her chocolate chickens.