Joining Tasks

How to Join Tasks

Joining Tasks’Task’ is the term used for the jobs we do out in the field. Tasks are held every other Sunday and indoor meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month. The meeting point for all tasks and indoor meetings are stated on the Task Calendar page..

As the much of the work we do is on nature reserves where things can be a bit dirty, and a bit rugged, please wear old clothes, strong shoes, work boots or wellies, waterproofs may also be useful in bad weather. Also, please bring a packed lunch and something to drink. Transport can be provided if needed. The group has a code of conduct that we expect everyone to abide by, this can be found at the bottom of this page.

Families are welcome but children under 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, 14-16 year olds require parents permission. Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme participants seeking volunteer opportunities are welcome, but it is essential that parents/guardians contact Tom Bruce for availability of places, contact details below.

There are no joining fees and all are welcome, to get in touch please text/ring Tom Bruce on 07971376253 or use the email information on the Contact Us page.

Code of Conduct

BCV has a Code of Conduct to ensure no volunteer is subjected to discrimination or unnecessary treatment and to lay down standards of behaviour expected from all members of the organisation. The aim of the Code of Conduct is to continue to ensure that all forms of prejudice and offensive behaviour are excluded from BCV. Any volunteer who feels that they are the victim of, or witness to, such behaviour, must bring it to the attention of a BCV officer.

The Code of Conduct is reviewed at the Annual General Meeting held in February.

The Bolton Conservation Volunteers (BCV) value diversity and we will ensure :

  • That we treat all fellow members fairly, with dignity and respect.
    That we provide a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for all volunteers.
  • The BCV will operate at all times without prejudice to race, age, ethnic origins, disability, gender, physical and mental health, status, religion, resideny status, sexuality or cultural background.
  • Members have a personal and legal responsibility not to behave in a manner that could be offensive to others.
  • Trust and respect for one another are the greatest priorities in all our interactions.
  • We respect, trust and encourage one another seek to celebrate the successes of both individuals and the team.
  • A BCV member represents the interests and promotes the aims of the BCV at all times and supports collective decisions.
  • On task, designated qualified first aiders must be alerted to any injuries or medical emergencies, the first aider will then decide on the best course of action.
  • All volunteers have a personal responsibility to ensure that their behaviour does not endanger other volunteers in their surrounding area while on task. All volunteers are asked to be careful and considerate when using all tools on tasks and be aware of the consequences that can happen if they are misused.

    Volunteers leaving the task site early should inform one of the officers before leaving.

General Data Protection Regulation 2018

Any contact information from members of the public received via email, comments page, telephone or collected through our membership forms will only be used to reply to the individual query and/or to keep members updated about the group’s activities and not passed on to any third party organisation our used for any other purpose. Each year members need to fill in a membership form to confirm their details and any permissions to use their contact information as noted above. At the beginning of each task attendees are asked to sign an attendance sheet and to confirm or reject permission to use any photos/videos in which they appear on our social media platforms including website, Facebook page, and You Tube and any other publicity material such as posters, calendars, and press releases. Any expired membership details will be deleted.