Wildfest Through the Looking Glass

Moses Gate, Wildfest Garden tidy up, 30th August 2020

Below is an extract from a document found in a bottle hidden in a rabbit hole near Crompton Lodge, its meaning is still not known.

“I’m late, I’m late,” said Rick
“Curiouser and curiouser,” said Lynn, looking at her watch

In Wonderland the five did wait,
For the King to show, he was late.
“The time has come,” the old newt said,
And took a seat, “To speak of many tasks.”
Of strimmers, paths, and shifting brash,
And strawberry beds and masks.

The King of Spades saw his domain,
Was overgrown and wild,
“Off with their heads,” He boldly cried,
And hedge tops fell and piled.
The Ladies Royal, together worked,
To rake up the pieces, a job not shirked.

And dead hedge with fresh brash grew,
The rest became compost new.
The strawberry beds were carefully weeded,
Of wild plants that had slyly seeded.
And Cheshire Cat did with a grin,
Photograph everything.

All was done, they packed away,
The tools they used throughout the day.
The hide was locked with keys a-new,
They had done what they could do.
So, to the pub, the time not yet tea,
To find a bottle that said “Drink Me.”

“A very happy Un-Wildfest, to You”, said Eve.

Wildfest didn’t happen in 2020 thanks to lockdown, but if you want to learn more about what Wildfest could have been, and less about bad poetry, have a read of ‘Wildfest, I think I love you.’

Photos: Colin Mather