Moses Gate: Free Range

Tree Planting 3rd & 17th April 2022

Planting Trees
Planting Trees

Sunday 3rd April
Another Sunday and another two part post because time is too short for all the things I need to get done. So, the first Sunday of April saw BCV working near the area where we planted reedbeds last year. The reeds are coming along really well, however, the public, being the wayward beings that they are, like to wander around places without realising that they are causing damage. In order to encourage people to not stray from the path we planted a double line of young hawthorns along all points of access, and then built a linear habitat pile in front of the hawthorns to protect them. Guards guarding guards if you like.

Just around the corner there was a nice open area suitable for a new woodland, but it’s also an area used by scramble bikes. Finding safe places in the tyre scarred ground to plant new trees made the job a bit more of a challenge that it should have been, but anyway we got the job done. Hopefully the trees will reach maturity after the bikers do.

Easter Ferret
Easter Ferret

Sunday 17th April
Easter Sunday and task day together again. This task was more tree planting but this time in an area around Nob End, not far from the place where James Mason ran down the cobbles in Spring and Port Wine.

In previous weeks Tom had planted some fruit trees so the first part of the day was spent clearing away bramble to give the trees a good start. Then, on the other side of the Bolton-Bury canal, off the beaten track, we planted loads more trees. It was a hot day and there was a very real risk that the trees’ roots would dry out before we got them in the ground, this is probably the last tree plant we’ll do until later in the year when conditions will be more suitable.

Finally, Easter wouldn’t be Easter without the Great BCV Egg Hunt. Jane hid 24 eggs containing choccy goodies in the scrub and bracken for anyone to find. One of the eggs contained a special golden star which would win the finder a full sized Easter egg: Willy Wonka eat out your smooth creamy heart. The bunny-eared volunteers hared away to find them, burrowing egg-citedly to find the hidden treasures. It didn’t take long, although three were so well hidden they were never found. Maybe future egg-splorers will one day find them and wonder at these ancient relics of a time long forgotten. Or maybe a pigeon will sit on one and try to hatch it. James found the special egg and was declared egg-cellent. Well done all for a great task.

These tasks were funded and carried out on be-half of Banana Enterprises.