The Last Task Before Christmas

Dunscar Woods 11th December 2022 – Tree Thinning

‘Twas the task before Christmas, and across the woods,
A chainsaw was blaring, but doing some good,
The trees needed thinning to make the wood neat,
In hopes that when done it would all look awreet.
The trees they did fall, but only the bad,
Plenty were left to make wildlife glad,
The logs we did sned with lopper and saw,
Branches and twigs they did fall to the floor.
The brash we collected and placed in a pile,
But some of our workers at it did not smile,
So, we re-made a dead hedge all neat and ti-dy,
And soon all were happy and full of pride-y.
The snow it had fallen to blanket the ground,
And cold as it was we didn’t slow down,
In hats like old Santa’s, and Grinch faces, too,
We worked the day long, we worked the day through.
With lunch time out came, the missed Jaffa Cakes,
Cards and posh choccies, the things Christmas makes.
Then back to work for the brave BCV crew,
Till the sun dropped low and temperatures too.
With task day now over, the work was all done,
Away tools were packed, we were ready to run.
But one more thing before Christmas rest,
The nearest pub, were the beer is the best.
Then home we did go, to warmth and dry feet,
It would be a while before again we would meet.
And so ends the year along with this verse,
It wasn’t too bad and it could have been worse.
Merry Christmas to all, we hope you had fun,
And from January onwards we’ll look for the sun.