Easter Task

Rhododendron removal – Winter Hill 24th March 2024

Easter – the time when we celebrate the invention of chocolate and the four day bank holiday. It’s also the time for the annual BCV Easter Egg Hunt and the traditional ‘losing’ of at least one egg on the task site as an offering to the Easter bunny. But before we get to that bit we had some work to do.

There was a whole lot of hopping going on on Winter Hill, BCV and members of the British Mountaineering Council were back removing rhododendron. For more info on why we hate rhodys read an earlier post through this link.

It was a long hard walk up the hill, carrying mattocks, spades and loppers to boot, but it was a good view once we got to the top, or it would have been if not for the rhododendron scattered everywhere. But that’s why we were there.

As the task was classified as HARD we had no expectations that the day was going to be pleasant jaunt in the hills, no this was one of the the most demanding tasks we’ve done for a while. One volunteer quit the field with a back injury, and one took an hour to make the journey to the work site. The survivors managed to take down a good number of the magenta menace, but still plenty left.

As it’s Easter we had our traditional Easter Egg Hunt, not quite the way we usually do though. Because of the treacherous terrain and lack of anywhere to hide eggs we did a lazy egg hunt. The lazy egg hunt was basically putting the eggs in a pile and making the best of it. Many thanks to Jane for supplying the eggs.