The BCV's calendar for the coming months

Tasks and How to Join In

The meeting point for all tasks and indoor meetings are stated on the task calendar below. tasks are every other Sunday; indoor meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month, see task list below.

Remember there are no joining fees, to get involved just turn up on the day or for more information contact us via our contact form

Please wear old clothes, strong shoes, work boots or wellies, waterproofs may also be useful. tea and coffee is provided but you will need to bring a packed lunch. transport is also available for those who do not have their own.

Families are welcome but children under 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, 14-16 year olds require parents permission. Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme participants seeking volunteer opportunities are welcome, contact Rick for availability of place.

Contact Info

To get in touch please  use the contact form or text/ring Rick on 07908 084709. If you are making your own way to the site please contact Rick on the above number.

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 NEW Hedge laying Competition Gallery 2020

 NEW Anderton Winter Resi 2020


Mr Blue Sky 26/05/20

Sun is shining in the sky, there ain't a task in sight... or is there? As the rumour is busy grinding away Rick has decide to reassure our members of the true facts about future tasks with no Borising.

Yes, you had to hide away for so long (so long), but now tasks have been planned for Cleveland School and Walmsley Unitarian Chapel, hopefully somewhere in the summer months, July to September. For obvious reasons exact dates are dependant on the easing of lockdown restrictions, but be assured the sun will still shine brightly.
To limit the numbers of volunteers on task each task will have a fixed number of places for attendees, current thinking is around 10 but this may change, also a booking system will be in place. Further to this each task will be split in two and spread over consecutive weekends. So a four week month will look like this: week 1 = Cleveland Team A, week 2 = Cleveland Team B, week 3 = Walmsley Team A, week 4 = Walmsley Team B. A teams will be lead by Rick, B teams will be lead by Tom (or vice versa). Social distancing and infection control protocols will be in place as will restrictions on transportation, these will be detailed as and when we're runnin' down that avenue.

At the moment, Rick, is unavailable by email but his phone still works just fine and Mr Blue Sky's up there waitin' for your queries. Today is the day we've waited for, it's stopped raining, and its' a beautiful task day, (hey ay ay).
(ELO's lyrics mangled by CM)

Strange Days 25/04/20

"Strange days have found us, strange days have tracked us down, they're going to destroy our casual joys, we shall go on playing, or find a new town" wrote Jim Morrison.

He had no idea.

Covid continues to shred it's way through our lives, re-prioritising our everyday, and taking away too much of what we love. It has given rise to lies and hatred, false truths, dangerous ideas and terrible sadness. But it has also given people the opportunity to show heroism, bravery, compassion and selflessness. Humanity's soul has been laid bare and mostly it is good and

full of hope. The world will never be the same, and it shouldn't be. We have the opportunity to build something new from these tragic times, to care more for our own species and for the rest of the planet.

Rick has confirmed that BCV is going to be down and out for another month at least in line with Government advice. So no tasks, no indoor meetings, no walks or pub crawls. But we do have the BCV WhatsApp group, emails, and website message boards, the BCV family can continue to stay in touch. As well as general chit-chat you can post sightings of wildlife in your area, birds,
butterflies, bees etc, spot sites for future tasks, think of new projects...

and believe a better future isn't far away.

Calling all the Heroes 05/4/20

After searching for ways to access WhatsApp through a laptop and finding you still need a smart phone (unless you want to use dodgy work-a-rounds and fake numbers) I've reinstated the BCV message board, or Guest Book as it likes to call itself so us people from the stone age can leave general messages. I've also added a discussion page, not done one before so it's a bit experimental. Find them at the bottom of the menu on the left. No new updates otherwise except that Rick is having snooker withdrawal.


Where Tomorrow Shines 23/03/20

The shiny happy people at Bolton Conservation Volunteers are having to take steps to protect its members. BCV's members aren't just volunteers, they are family. For most of our family BCV's task days are an important of their lives, providing a chance to restore our natural landscape, help wildlife, and to meet up and socialise.

Covid-19 has changed all of that.

We are having to take the sad decision to disband for the duration of the pandemic. How long this will be we don't know but protecting our family is a priority and we have to take action to ensure its safety.

From 23/03/20 all tasks, indoor meetings, and other events are cancelled, even our flagship Wildfest event is under review. In the group's 44 year history we have never had such a heartbreaking decision to make. The situation will be reviewed on a monthly basis taking into account Government and NHS advice available at the time, decisions will appear here on the BCV website task page and will also be sent out by text.

Thank you to everyone- our volunteer family, friends, clients, Bolton Green Umbrella, Bolton Forum for Greenspace - for your support. Hopefully in the not too distant future we will again get to meet you in the crowd, for now keep us in your hearts where tomorrow shines.

Stay safe and well.

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