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 Minutes of Indoor Meetings

 Read Colette's minutes of our 2017 February AGM  - click HERE

Norman the Newt's News

NEW - 1st April - Hopping with Joy

In August 2016 we left Bolton to carry out a unique task in London. Andrew wanted a pond outside his house next to Crystal Palace Park. We dug a pond, filled it with water and went home to await the results. Today Andrew sent this brilliant bit of news:
"Andrew is proud to announce that, following a brief gestation period,is beloved pond has had tadpoles, Many thanks to Carol, Colin, Elaine, Francis, Jane, Paul, Sheena, Tom and Trish for excavating the mother, and to timely advice from consultant obstetrician for amphibia, Dr Parker."
Congratulations to Andrew on becoming the proud 'father' of a new generation of bouncing baby frogs.

15th March - The Big Day

This year the BCV annual Dr John Leather Hedge Competition was held at Hollins Local Nature. The event was sponsored by Park Royal Stone and hosted by Hollins Conservation Group and Bury Council Ranger Serve, with tea and biscuits provided Hollins Village Bowling Green.

After a hard fought contest judge Noelle Leather announced the joint winners as team number 5 - Brian Griffiths and Barry Dorrington from Bury and team number 2 - Francis Williams and Steve Dunbar of BCV. Second place went to Ben Barratt and Sheena Flanaghan. Well done to every one.Photos are on the News page Competition Gallery.

Last year Ben narrowly missed a winning place in hedge competition with Paul taking first and second place being taken by Anna Cocker. Ben did win that year's dry stonewalling competition with Anna coming second. Deciding he was on a winning streak this year Ben proposed to Anna and she said yes, proving that walls and hedges are no barrier to romance. Congratulations to both of you from BCV.


27th February - Hipster Rick

Best wishes to Rick from everyone after a very successful hip replacement operation at Royal Bolton Hospital on Thursday 23rd Feb. Rick hopes to be up and about on task as soon as possible.

12th February - Farewell Ozzy

BCV has lost another of its best loved members - Ozzy the Ferret. Ozzy had not been well for sometime and sadly passed away recently. He will be remembered for stealing the show at the BCV 40th Birthday Party and being the star attraction at any event where he made an appearance whether it was a task, indoor meeting or open days. Inquisitive, beer drinking and finger nibbling Ozzy will be greatly missed by everyone, condolences to Clayton.

28th December 2016 - Making a Splash

In October BCV helped to tidy up the wildlife area at Turton & Edgworth CE Methodist Primary School. The school have sent this update and we want everyone to know about it. click HERE

20th November 2016 - Moving on Up

Ian Harper of United Utilities recently assumed a new role within the organisation as Catchment Manager, a role which will take him out of the Bolton area. As a Land Manager responsible for UU's commitment to protecting wildlife and habitats on it's land Ian has provided us with work in some outstanding areas of north Bolton. Rumworth Lodge, Belmont, Rivington, Entwistle, Jumbles are just some of the areas were we have been able to work because of Ian. Under his direction we have been able to fine tune our walling skills, we have all become master hedge layers and what we don't know about managing tern islands is not worth talking about. Many thanks Ian for all of your enthusiastic support over the decades and all the best for the future.