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Norman the Newt's News

MINUTES: Minutes of our August indoor meeting.

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER: This Month's Old NewsGold Elephant 1989 

UPDATED: 06/10/19 Walks Gallery, 29/08/19 Wildfest 2019, 03/12/19 Task Gallery,

GREEN UMBRELLA news from other groups across Bolton

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NEW 15/11/19 - A Rick for All Seasons
The new BCV calendar for 2020 is now available in glorious, shiny, full colour. Pick one up when you're out on task. Many thanks to Caroline for getting it printed, it looks great.

In other news The Bolton News has published a picture of Rick from 1989 in it's 'Looking Back' section, in it he is receiving a Golden Elephant Award which were given out for services to the environment, development, justice and peace. Click HERE to see it.

24/09/19 The Big Day

Congratulations to Elaine and Michael on their wedding. Mick's first outing with BCV was at the Anderton Centre in January 2017, Elaine has been in the group for a little bit longer.

They had announced their engagement to BCV on the Northern Forest tree planting task in April 2018, and we have waited for the big day ever since.

The happy couple tied the knot at Brookfield Masonic Hall on Saturday 21st September and the celebrations carried on into the early hours. For some reason neither could make it to task the next day. Best wishes for a bright and happy future from Bolton Conservation Volunteers.

25th August - Wildfest, I think I Love You

Last year Bolton Conservation Volunteers (BCV) organised Wildfest, a celebration of nature, wildlife and the work BCV has done over the years. Assisted by the Darcy Lever Gravel Pits Action Group (GPAG) the day was a ridiculous success and even had coverage in the Bolton News. Sitting in The Sweet Green Tavern after the day was done we decided that we would do it again and next time it would be even bigger.

Planning started almost immediately with ideas on how to improve things and who else we could approach to be involved, as it turned out other groups were already lining up to be part of Wildfest 2019. So, we set the date 25th August 2019 bank holiday weekend, the place Moses Gate Country Park, and set the wild thing moving.

After weeks of rain we were blessed with the hottest August bank holiday on record and more stalls than you can shake a withy at. We had:

Jane and Katrina at our welcome tent keeping the visitors moving through; Louise Bentley flying along with swift conservation; the Bolton-Bury Canal Society locked on with the public about their work; Paul and David from the RSPB scoping out the bird hide; Jayne Stott running rings around the dog training; Mike and the GPAG team made a splash with the pond dipping sessions and moth ID; Rick and Colin knocking together hurdles assisted by Barb and Trevor from Bolton Green Umbrella; Jo, Jaxon, Clayton and Floyd the ferret making dens in the woods; Sheena, Gill and Abigail creating flower filled willow crowns; and Caroline and Lynn making popcorn, pancakes and veggie hotdogs. And finally Tom did a great job filling in when people needed a break.

The free event was officially opened by long time BCV supporter Kath Martin, helped by son Phillip, at 11:00 am. The day's format followed last year's with visitors being provided with a map of the site, with each station they visited they got a sticker to put on the map and when the map was full they could claim free food at the food station.Throughout the day we had lots of positive comments from the public, how much they enjoyed it, how much the kids loved it, and what a fantastic job everyone was was doing, comments for which we are very grateful. Raising awareness about Bolton's natural environment and the groups that care for it is what we aimed for and what we achieved.

Days like this don't just happen, a lot of work goes on in the background so a few thank yous: Thanks to Rick for pushing the event along and promoting it on Bolton FM; thanks to all of the voluneers who gave their time to man and woman the stalls; Bolton Council for giving us permission to use Moses Gate Country Park; Tom for obtaining and transporting equipment and finally special thanks to Caroline for filling in the paperwork, finding funding, designing and producing maps and stickers, and countless other things that made the day possible. Thank you.

Sitting in the Sweet Green Tavern afterwards, exhausted and worn out by the day, we had an idea: lets do it again next year... but bigger.

Wildfest 2019 photo gallery

6th May 2019- School for the Future

In June 2018 BCV were asked to help restore the school garden for its special needs pupils. Couch grass, horse-tails, cleavers and nettles were removed and the beds were re-mulched, and after we left the staff and pupils continued the work we started and in May 2019 had planted up the planters with a variety of plants. The beds had originally been designed to allow wheelchair bound pupils access to the garden but lack of management lead to it falling into disrepair. Since last year each area of the garden has been adopted by a different member of staff and with the help of the pupils it is now being properly looked after. Well done to Mrs. Clarke and the rest of the staff for doing such a brilliant job. See the Schools Project Gallery for more photos.

March 2019 - The Ace of Spades

Many thanks to Barb and Green Umbrella for the generous donation that was used to buy these spades, they rock.  Their first outing was at the BCV Garden at Moses Gate Country Park where we laid hedges, managed overgrown vegetation in a pond, extended a dead hedge and re-planted snowdrops. 

We have been managing this site since 2016 and last year it was the location for our first ever Wildfest , an event we hope to repeat in 2019. Today's volunteers included Duke of Edinburgh Award students, and other teenagers, who as usual did an excellent job.  Those about to dig, we salute you. More photos on the Task Gallery

27th February 2019- Doff Your Cap to a Bittern Good News

Many years ago BCV started a reed bed at Doffcocker Lodge LNR, Bolton. Over the years the beds have spread and reed warbler and reed bunting have have taken up residence, but the holy grail of reed species has always eluded us. This February, BCV bird man, Paul Thompson has managed to film a bittern warming itself in the winter sun. The Friends of Doffcocker say that the bittern was present last year, however, Paul's movie has created a lot of interest and dozens of bird lovers flocked to Doffcocker to catch a glimpse of this red listed species. The presence of bittern for two years running more than justifies our reed bed creation work at Doffcocker, well done BCV and very well done Paul, click the reed bed photo to launch the video. Video is hosted by The Wildlife Trust. Also, reed bunting photo has been added to the Wildlife Gallery.

31st January 2019- The News Hedge Lines

This year the competition, held in memory of Dr John Leather who passed away in 2003, was held at Moses Gate Country Park in our patch of heaven where we had our Wildfest last September. The winners of the Legendary Silver Bill Hook were Neil Birtles and Elliott George, second place went to Ben Barratt and Mick Kenny. Click the photo to go to the Competition Gallery. Well done teams.