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 Minutes of Indoor Meetings

 Read Colette's minutes of our August 2017 indoor meeting  - click HERE

Norman the Newt's News

NEW - 17th September 2017 - Brandy


Some sad news, Brandy Bruce has passed away after long and happy life. Brandy was everybody's best friend and always a welcome addition to tasks, but over the last year age related problems meant she couldn't join in the fun as she used to. She will very missed by everyone, condolences from all BCV members to Tom and Caroline.

NEW - 4th September - 150 years Young

Saturday the 2nd September saw a birthday celebration to end all birthday celebrations: Jane, Colin and Andrew celebrated their 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays with around 76 friends from BCV, The Wildlife Trust, plus family members and others at the Astley Bridge Cricket Club. There was music and dancing, food and dancing, drink and dancing, speeches and dancing, and dancing and dancing  all in 1950s, 60s and 70s fancy dress and a fantastic time was had by all. Thanks to all the guests for being there and to everyone who helped and supported the three of us in making the vague beginnings of an idea we had on an Anderton resi in January into magnificent reality. Party on dudes, and be excellent to each other. More photos can be found on the '150th Birthday' gallery.

31st August - Obituary: Len Saunders

Len Saunders, a well-known practical conservationist, has died aged 65, following a senseless and unprovoked attack on him near his home in St Helens Town Centre. Len was a kind, gentle and caring man, a good listener rather than conversationalist, and had a wealth of local knowledge. Nothing was too much trouble for him. When it came to practical work, he was part-man, part-machine. He had a phenomenal workrate that belied his slight stature. He was a key member of the former Groundwork Conservation Volunteers and Wigan CVs, often leading tasks, but had worked with groups from across the North West, including Bolton and Chorley, and was an accomplished hedge-layer and waller: for many years he laid hedges and walled professionally, and would go in his Land-Rover as far north as the Lake District. He also demonstrated charcoal-burning at countryside events.

 I have memories of planting trees adjacent to the Liverpool-Manchester Railway at Bold with Len and Steve Freeman of Operation Groundwork (St Helens) somewhere around 1990. We had two hundred saplings to plant. It was a baking hot, autumn day and the ground seemed to be nothing more than compacted coal waste. Our spades bounced from the surface, so we had to hack at the spoil with the spade edge rather than dig. It was gruelling work. We managed to complete the task, but Len accounted for more trees than Steve and me together. Len didn't groan, gasp or complain, nor did he stop to talk. He cocked back his trademark trilby to wipe his forehead every now and then, but kept going until every last tree was firmly planted.

In his later years he turned a hand to acting, rejoicing in the stage name of Len Banana, and turned a hand to poetry; I had the unexpected pleasure of hearing him read his own humorous verse to an audience only a few weeks before his untimely death. He also became heavily involved in a project establishing a small, specialist cinema, Lucem House, in his home town.
Len was a man of many talents who be missed in conservation and theatre circles alike.

Written by Francis Williams

July 8th - A Night at The Allotments

Thanks to everyone at Tonge Fold Allotments for welcoming BCV to their brilliant Quiz Night and buffet. The evening began with Rick's guided tour of his plot and an introduction to the £10K composting toilet.

There were about eight teams of six or less and BCV fielded two of them: The Newt Fanciers (Rick, Jane, Sheena, Justine and Katriona) and The Newt Seekers (Francis, Colin, Paul, Brian and Carol), questions covered geography, sport, literature, general Knowledge and music. At half-time food was served, some of it picked from the allotments.

After a hard fought contest The Newt Seekers were victorious, and the winnings were donated to the Birthday Party fund.

Photo from Tonge Fold Allotments facebook page.

27th June - Big Fans

Big thank you to Anne and David Welding of Fanpits Cottages for putting a magnificent barbecue for BCV on Saturday. Although Anne and David's site is small it is hugely important for dragon and damselflies, amphibians, butterflies, birds, bats, hedgerows and wild flowers.

Sites like this help to make up the mosaic of smaller habitats that are vitally important to the survival of out native wildlife and fill the gaps between larger habitats that have become fragmented by industrial and urban developments. Big cheer for Anne and David. Photo is from 2015 when we built Anne's pond, today the pond is thriving with life. 

27th May - Smithills Bioblitz

The Woodland Trust held its second Bioblitz event at Barrow Bridge, Smithills, and BCV were one of the groups attending along with Greater Manchester Local Record Centre, Bolton Museum, Lion Learners Animal Handling, Friends of the Earth, North West Badger Group, Bolton and Bury Swifts, Manchester Mammal Group, Discover the Wild and Tiny World Microscopes.

Our part in the event included a hurdle making demonstration and a bug hunt. Our planned pond dipping exercise had to cancelled as the pond had dried up. However, Rick brought some creatures from his pond which visitors found just as fascinating.

10th May - Wonder Walling

Although held slightly sooner in the calendar than in previous the sun still shone on our annual dry stone walling competition. This year the competition was even tougher as our wallers  continue to get better and better.

But there can only be one set of winners and this year the Stone Boot of Rivington was won by Ben Barratt and Francis Williams, runners up were Tom Bruce and Andrew Brownlow. Photos are on the Task Gallery page and shortly BCV Movies.

23rd April -BCV Movies Gets a Second Series!

With the departure of Chris Banks as the BCV movie maker it seemed that our You Tube days were over.. but we were wrong. The Thing in My Soup (aka Andrew Brownlow) has taken up the challenge and his first BCV movie is on the BCV Movie page. Click HERE to go there. 

Photos of the day can also be found on the Task Gallery

1st April - Hopping with Joy

In August 2016 we left Bolton to carry out a unique task in London. Andrew wanted a pond outside his house next to Crystal Palace Park. We dug a pond, filled it with water and went home to await the results. Today Andrew sent this brilliant bit of news:

"Andrew is proud to announce that, following a brief gestation period,is beloved pond has had tadpoles, Many thanks to Carol, Colin, Elaine, Francis, Jane, Paul, Sheena, Tom and Trish for excavating the mother, and to timely advice from consultant obstetrician for amphibia, Dr Parker."

Congratulations to Andrew on becoming the proud 'father' of a new generation of bouncing baby frogs.

15th March - The Big Day

This year the BCV annual Dr John Leather Hedge Competition was held at Hollins Local Nature. The event was sponsored by Park Royal Stone and hosted by Hollins Conservation Group and Bury Council Ranger Serve, with tea and biscuits provided Hollins Village Bowling Green.

After a hard fought contest judge Noelle Leather announced the joint winners as team number 5 - Brian Griffiths and Barry Dorrington from Bury and team number 2 - Francis Williams and Steve Dunbar of BCV. Second place went to Ben Barratt and Sheena Flanaghan. Well done to every one.Photos are on the News page Competition Gallery.

Last year Ben narrowly missed a winning place in hedge competition with Paul taking first and second place being taken by Anna Cocker. Ben did win that year's dry stonewalling competition with Anna coming second. Deciding he was on a winning streak this year Ben proposed to Anna and she said yes, proving that walls and hedges are no barrier to romance. Congratulations to both of you from BCV.

12th February - Farewell Ozzy

BCV has lost another of its best loved members - Ozzy the Ferret. Ozzy had not been well for sometime and sadly passed away recently. He will be remembered for stealing the show at the BCV 40th Birthday Party and being the star attraction at any event where he made an appearance whether it was a task, indoor meeting or open days. Inquisitive, beer drinking and finger nibbling Ozzy will be greatly missed by everyone, condolences to Clayton.