Norman Newt's Xmas Cheer


Christmas time, the celebration of weird perfume advert and excessive consumerism. But it's not all bad and BCV been doing its bit make the world a little bit greener.

2019 was another big BCV year with hedge laying and dry stone walling competitions, over 2 dozen tasks, including island tasks, tree planting, balsam bashing, rhody wreacking, pond digging and all the usual good stuff that gets you covered in mud. We've Easter and Halloween themed tasks, a curry walk, a bonfire night out and biggest event of the year Wildfest at Moses Gate Country Park, an event so big that everyone wants to be a part of the next one. Once again BCV is rocking around the Christmas tree like Santa on triple espressos.

So, a BIG Christmas cheer from Norman Newt to all of our volunteers and officers for all the outstanding work you've done, and thanks to Rick, Tom and Caroline for keeping it all going in the right direction. Extra special thanks to Colette, who after many years of excellent minuting, is stepping down as BCV Secretary - meetings won't be the same. Big BCV cheers to all of our clients, supporters and partners for being with us through the last 12 months, we look forward to working with you in 2020 .

BIG CHEER- Hooray!!!!

Norman feels a song coming on so feel free to sing-a-long

The BCV Christmas Song

Rhodys burning on an open fire
Cold mud dripping from your nose,
Anna and the D of Es working without tire,
And Jane dressed in Sunday clothes

Everybody knows a bow saw and some loppers so,
Help to make the task day right.
John with his cheeks all aglow,
Won't find it hard to sleep tonight.

Hedge laying season's on its way;
Rick has gloves and stakes in his 'sleigh'.
And every volunteer will try,
To see if wildlife they can spy.

And so I'm offering these outdoor days,
To kids from eight to eighty-two,
Although its been said many times, many ways,
A very BCV Christmas to you.

Norman's Christmas Jingle

Dashing through the snow
Trying to 'walk this way'
O'er the fields we go
Skipping all the way.

Shiny bill hooks ring
Making pleaches right..
Oh! What fun it is to sing
A hedgerow song tonight!

Jingle newts, jingle newts,
Jingle all Sunday.
Oh! what fun it is to lay
A hedge on Christmas Day.

Oh Jingle newts, jingle newts,
Jingle all the day.
Oh! what fun it is to trim
A hedge the Bolton way.

Walking 'cross the mud,
Rain is in the sky.
Looking for the pub,
Six miles till we're dry.

Gaiters, hats and gloves,
Keeping walkers dry.
Oh! What fun it is to sing
A walking song hoo-ray!

Oh! Jingle newts, jingle newts,
Jingle all the way.
Oh! what fun it is to be
Outside New Years day.

Oh! Jingle newts, jingle newts,
Jingle all the night;
Oh! what fun it is have
A group that does things right.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Newt Year