Merry Christmas and a Happy Newt Year

Christmas time again and Santa's Elves are in his shed hammering away making bird boxes and bat boxes, drones and GoPros for the jolly season. Whether you want a tree shelter to shelter your trees or a Fitbit for your fat bits let's hope Santa delivers the good because you deserve it (and that you don't have to download extra content to make it work.)

2017 was another big BCV year with hedge laying and dry stone walling competitions, over 2 dozen tasks, loads of walks including the Curry Walk, our Post Xmas Meal, the Anderton winter Resi, the Woodland Trust Bioblitz, the Kingfisher Trail Festival, Tonge Fold Allotments Quiz Nights, the Community Empowerment Fund work with fledgling groups, the Bolton Green Forum, the Wildlife Trust Inspirational Volunteer Award for our Miss Arkwright, a new boat, Easter and Halloween themed tasks, another calendar, and the BIG 40/50/60th Birthday Party for Jane, Colin and Andrew. Hooray!!

So, a BIG Christmas cheer from Norman Newt to all of our volunteers for all the outstanding work you've done, and also to Rick for keeping it all going. Special cheers to all of our clients, supporters and partners for being with us through 12 months of the kind of outdoor fun you can't get on Instagram. BIG CHEER- Hooray!!!!

 Norman feels a song coming on so feel free to sing-a-long


 The BCV Christmas Song

Rhodys burning on an open fire
Cold mud dripping from your nose,
Caroline and Tom working without tire,
And Joanne dressed in Sunday clothes

Everybody knows a bow saw and some loppers so,
Help to make the task day right.
Sheena with her cheeks all aglow,
Won't find it hard to sleep tonight.

Hedge laying season's on its way;
Rick has gloves and stakes in his 'sleigh'.
And every volunteer will try,
To see if wildlife we can spy.

And so I'm offering these outdoor days,
To kids from eight to eighty-two,
Although its been said many times, many ways,
A very BCV Christmas to you.


Norman's Christmas Jingle
Dashing through the snow
Trying to 'walk this way'
O'er the fields we go
Tripping all the way.

Shiny bill hooks ring
Making pleaches right..
Oh! What fun it is to sing
A hedging song tonight!

Jingle newts, jingle newts,
Jingle all Sunday.
Oh! what fun it is to lay
A hedge on Christmas Day.

Oh Jingle newts, jingle newts,
Jingle all the day.
Oh! what fun it is to trim
A hedge the Bolton way.

Walking 'cross the mud,
Sun is in the sky.
Looking for the pub,
Six miles till we're warm.

Gaiters, hats and gloves,
Keeping walkers dry.
Oh! What fun it is to sing
A walking song hoo-ray!

Oh! Jingle newts, jingle newts,
Jingle all the way.
Oh! what fun it is to be
Outside New Years day.

Oh! Jingle newts, jingle newts,
Jingle all the night;
Oh! what fun it is have
A group that does things right.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Newt Year