Firwood First

Firwood Fold 4th April 2021

After months of nothing but Zoom meetings and virtual conservation we’ve unboxed our voluntreers and put them back in the real world: wellies, mud, dirt, and aching limbs, happy days are here again.

Our first post-lockdown task of 2021 is in the same place as the last task before the first lockdown of 2020, Firwood Fold. We’re still limiting our numbers on task and keeping everything clean and safe, but in the coming months we may be able get a bit bigger if all goes well.

April 4th 2021 – So, here we are, it’s the beginning of spring, and also Easter weekend, a time of rebirth and new beginnings and in keeping with that theme our first task was to clear away a year’s growth of gnarly bramble and to plant up some the hedge with some hazel whips to grow and thrive. And Easter wouldn’t be Easter without the Great BCV Egg Hunt, and as last year we didn’t get an Easter many thanks to Jane for picking up the goodies.

Hedges are great, they create wildlife corridors for all kinds of creatures to travel along, and also habitat for nesting birds. It’s estimated that a million miles of hedgerow has been lost since the 1950s, today’s little stretch might not fill that gap but a journey of a million miles begins with a single step, so we’re happy to keep on stepping up for as long as it takes.

April 11th 2021 – Our job today involved cutting back vegetation and trees from the path and clearing willow from the leet. Leets are also known as sluices, spillways, flumes but all are the same thing, a water channel generally used to provide water for industry. As we are in Sam Crompton’s birth place it would fit the historical theme and may have been something that inspired the 6 year old Mr Crompton to invent a better way of working, who knows. Speaking of better ways of working, today we had two socially distanced groups, BCV and Friends of Firwood, working on different parts of the site getting twice the work done without compromising safety.